What we do

Our members work as academics, researchers, administrators, librarians, computer staff, teaching postgraduates and other hourly paid teaching staff, whether on fixed-term or on permanent contracts; whether full-time or part-time.

Sheffield UCU is a trade union.  What do trade unions do?

We have an active Branch with a growing membership. Every member has a part to play, and every member can make a difference – by adding to the strength of the union and influencing the direction it takes.

Professional Body

We don’t just protect your interests as a member of staff. We are a professional body and fight to maintain respect for academic and professional standards, and for the academic freedom which is essential for open debate and rigorous research.

Campaigning and negotiating for improvements

Members of UCU at Sheffield negotiate directly with the University regarding your terms and conditions of employment. As a UCU member your voice is heard and your interests represented. Every member increases our strength in negotiations. Your membership matters locally.  We work closely with other campus trade unions.

Help and advice with problems at work

SUCU deals with around 100 personal cases each year. These range from requests for advice on more routine employment matters to more complex cases such as grading appeals, grievances and complaints of harassment. Personal casework forms a significant part of the work of the UCU Committee and there has been a noticeable year on year increase over the last three years.  All UCU Committee members dealing with personal cases attend formal training sessions, provided by UCU Regional Officers, prior to handling case work. The same officers are on hand to advise on more problematic cases and where necessary involve specialist trade union law firm Thompsons should legal advice be required.


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