SUCU Anti-Casualisation Network

The Anti-Casualisation Network is an open network of SUCU members who are keen to fight for improved conditions with and for people that self-identify as casualised workers. The network has been running for a number of years and has provided a space for ‘casualised’ members to come together and share and campaign on concerns relating to casualisation.

What is a casualisation?

In general, we take this to relate to any ‘non-standard’ employment practice across the university, including work done by PGRs, GTAs, research assistants, hourly paid lecturers, demonstrators, part-time members of academic and professional services, etc.

  • We have seen an increase in casual work and hourly paid contracts across Universities in the UK
  • This means increasing uncertainty about work in the context of cost of a living crisis
  • But it doesn’t need to be like this!

The 2022-23 Anti-Casualisation Claim

As a result of the outcome of negotiations with the University that arose out of the recent marking boycott, the University has agreed to negotiate with SUCU on matters around casualisation. As such, the SUCU Anti-Casualisation Network is in the process of putting together a set of anti-casualisation demands that the University has already committed to negotiate.

Get involved! Join the SUCU Anti-casualisation Network

To stay up to date with anti-casualisation activities going on in the branch and take a more active role in representing casualised members in your work area, join the Network today. The more Network members we have the better, and there are no formal commitments so it can be worked around your schedule.