Benefits of membership

Can you afford not to join us?

Your voice is heard and you can make a difference

The University of Sheffield has an active Branch with a growing membership. And every member has a part to play, and makes a difference – by adding to the strength of the union and influencing the direction it takes. Members of UCU at Sheffield negotiate directly with the University regarding your terms and conditions of employment.

What we do.  Become a rep.

You’re better off in a Union

Research has shown that union members are likely to get higher pay, more annual leave, better sickness and pension benefits, have safer workplaces and are more likely to take advantage of flexible working.

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UCUPlus member benefits

Savings and special offers, including on insurance and mortgages, are available through UCUPlus

Support if you have a problem connected with your work

It’s often the case that members find themselves calling on UCU in their own workplaces, when they run into a problem that affects them as individuals. Problems like these can arise in any number of ways. And one of the main benefits of belonging to UCU is that, if a difficult situation arises, we can help by giving advice, support and representation.

Getting help and advice

Personal support through the Education Support Partnership

Counselling, support, financial assistance and more available to members through Education Support Partnership.

Continuing Professional Development

UCU believes that effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential part of post-school education and benefits both staff and students in the sector. Therefore we are pleased to offer a range of personal and professional development resources that will provide practical help throughout the course of your career.

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