Sheffield Strikes Tomorrow!

Sheffield Strikes Tomorrow!

The member-chosen strike day is now a day away! Our Alternative Open Day will ensure that University will not be able to micro-manage the image they want to portray, and will have to accept prospective students and their parents learning uncomfortable truths from friendly faces that make this institution what it is.

Please turn out for what is likely to be the most impactful strike day we’ve had in recent times, and show support by retweeting our posts and using the hastags #fairpayinHE and #shefunilife.

Sheffield Strikes, 23 June! University staff: here to help… always.

Read more: University of Sheffield strike to hit open day, UCU national article.

Strike day information

What follows is useful information you need to take part tomorrow.

To strike…

Set an out of office when you leave today saying you’re on strike, and leave a poster on your door or desk.

To promote…

Please retweet our posts and use the hastags #fairpayinHE and #shefunilife.

To picket…

Arrive from 8am onwards, reporting to our stall on the concourse to pick up an armband and leaflets and placards as you see fit. You can choose a building to picket, or join others elsewhere. Picketers get a free sandwich from John’s Van outside the Hicks Building!

To help our Alternative Open Day…

Many thanks to those who have volunteered to give a 5-minute soap-box talk. The list is already looking good, but please do let use know by email or on the day if you’d like to give it a go. We would also be grateful for people to come and chat to prospective students once the picket-lines are finished at 11ish.

To claim for hardship…

There is a hardship fund for members who have been disproportionately hit financially, either because of the level of deductions or because of their personal situation. This could apply to low paid lone/main household earner, or a part time worker hit disproportionately by the strike days or other. To apply, fill in the form.

Hope to see you out and about tomorrow!

Sheffield UCU committee