ASOS Guidance on Saturday Open Days

This is a reminder that we are currently taking Action Short of a Strike in defence of USS. As such, we recommend that members refuse requests to work outside of their normal contracted days.

For most staff, this would include refusing a request to work at Saturday Open Days, and to withdraw any such offer already made.

We expect this to apply to almost all staff who don’t have Saturday working or admissions/recruitment explicitly written into their contracts.

If you have any doubts as to whether your contract or role would make working at the Saturday Open Day fall outside the remit of UCU’s Action Short of a Strike, you should seek clarification from your line manager/head of department urgently. We recommend using the template email below for this purpose.

If you encounter any significant difficulties as a result of this advice, please let us know.

Sheffield UCU Committee


Suggested email to line manager/head of department seeking clarification on a request to work at the Saturday Open Day

(Note: this email is only necessary for those who have doubts about the status of their contracts or departmental roles.)

Dear _______,

I am writing regarding the request for me to work on the Saturday Open Day [on DATE].

My understanding is that working on Saturday [DATE] would fall outside of my normal contracted days. As such, I will be declining the request to work on Saturday [DATE] in line with UCU’s Action Short of a Strike. If this is not the case, I would be grateful if you would clarify the situation by the end of [ONE WEEK PRIOR], with particular reference to the University’s Guidance for HoD’s and Department Managers.

Kind regards,