Lobby of Senate 13.45 today

WHY is this University SILENT about the savage cuts to our pension?

Join us at 13.45 outside Firth Court today to ask why this University hasn’t spoken out against the USS cuts – when many other Russell Group Universities have done so:

Imperial College

has stated: “We are disappointed that you [UUK] appear to be focused on trying to fit your current proposed benefit solution to the perceived problem without first sufficiently challenging all the assumptions…  We are concerned that without this challenge you risk recommending a major downgrading of one of our employees’ most important benefits based on numbers which are as likely to be modelling artefacts as a reflection of the underlying economic reality.”

Warwick University

has stated: “Our overall view is that collectively the assumptions are over-prudent and consequently we believe the scale of the resulting deficit to be materially pessimistic.”

Oxford University

warns that comparisons made by UUK are “misleading because they assume no promotion or incremental salary increases over time”.

“[realistic examples] would show a much greater reduction of benefits to the average academic member of staff than is shown in the UUK examples.”

LSE and Cambridge

have publically criticised UUK’s proposals


 and from Sheffield?.


  • The University of Sheffield slashed the pensions for grade 1-5 staff two years ago and closed the final salary pension scheme.

  • The VC has bought himself out of USS.

  • Where does UEB stand on the attack on USS pensions?