The University’s number 2 earner: pay rise between 8% and 17%

Exactly how greedy is the University’s number two earner?

The University’s 2012/13 financial statement seem to show that the pay of the top earner below the VC went from the £230k-£240k pay zone to the £260k-£270k zone.

So is Number 2 scraping along with an 8% rise (if it went up a mere £20,000 from £240k to £260k) or did they get a splendid 17% rise (if it went up £40,000 from £230k to £270k)? Or maybe a middling 12%?

We’ll probably never know, as unlike the pay of grade 1-9 staff it is a secret. But we do know it is a vastly bigger percentage than the 1% being tossed at the staff, who you might think have rather more need of it.