USS ballot opens today – use your vote to defend your pension

Use your vote, speak to your colleagues and email this flyer that provides more information.


You will have seen recent briefings about the USS ballot that starts today and closes on 20th October.  Your paper ballot form will arrive during the next few days.  The proposals will mean lower benefits, less guaranteed income in retirement, and a worse pension than colleagues in the Teachers Pension Scheme.  Remember this is just the start and if they win this then future erosion is very likely.

Its important that we get a good turn out and a strong vote in favour of action on both ASOS and taking strike action.
We have a good case:
  • The huge ‘deficit’ is artificial – USS is healthy and growing. The USS projections involved are contested by UCU and we believe the employers’ proposals are a deliberate overreaction.  Since 2011, the fund’s investments have grown by £8bn.  Returns on investment have outperformed both average earnings and inflation.    
  • The employers can afford it – Pre-92 institutions are doing well. There is simply no case for the pensions they offer to be inferior to those offered by new universities.
This youtube video produced by Leeds UCU explains the threats and what we can do to stop them.
This is a detailed analysis of the effects of the proposals completed  for UCU by First Actuarial. 

Press coverage: Telegraph, Times Higher, FT.
If you want more information about the employers’ proposals please go to our USS blogsite.