Sheffield Strikes in 3 days!

Sheffield Strikes in 3 days!

We’re just 3 days away from our locally-chosen strike day of Thursday 23 June, where we will welcome potential students to Sheffield with friendly faces, leaflets, and our Alternative Open Day. A good take up for the strike and turn out picket-lines will catch the University’s attention.

Remember: Universities, including ours, have chosen to allow pay to erode, are allowing gender pay inequality to perpetuate, and show no signs of stamping out casualized labour. If they really listened to staff as much as they claim to, we would not be having to strike.

Please continue to show support for this campaign by striking, picketing and volunteering to give a 5-minute soap-box talk (see below).

Alternative Open Day: Can you inspire students?

Our Alternative Open Day coincides with the University’s official open day, and we need speakers to deliver 5-minute talks on a theme related to our campaign, but aimed at inspiring students to come here and be engaged. Ideas could include:

  • a summary of how you got to where you are now, and the challenges facing such a career path;
  • a retrospective of how Higher Education has changed over the years, and how it can change again;
  • a look at just how much some VCs (including ours!) take home from student fees;
  • a history of activism, and how young people can get involved.

What we’re after should be short, snappy and entertaining: something that will catch the attention of passing students and parents and flag-up what’s lurking behind the scenes in the sector.

Please reply to this email to volunteer or discuss further!

Sheffield University Strike, Thursday 23 June: Make the university listen, and inspire the next generation.