Personal casework

Personal casework is support from a member of UCU. Caseworkers are Branch members who have been trained to support staff facing a variety of issues in the work place. They are volunteers and offer their support and time, without pay. As a result Sheffield UCU can not answer all queries from members.

You must be an existing member of UCU to receive advice, support and representation – normally for no less than 90 days. Full representation will not normally be offered regarding problems which arose before membership began. Members who have lapsed from membership and do not rejoin until they need assistance may only be offered limited advice or representation in line with that afforded to new members.

If you are facing difficulties within the work place and require additional support please fill in the two forms below and return them to

Other help and advice from SUCU

Members who would like advice on general issues visit the page on Getting advice or contact in the first instance. You may also wish to contact your Departmental Representative who will be able to talk through problems informally and signpost relevant support or visit the Getting Support section of the National UCU webpage for further general advice.

SUCU can only respond to queries from UCU members.